Wire Drawing & Wire Rod Processing

All manufacturing processes are carried out in-house with latest technology and most suitable machines with best in class Quality Management System.

Wire Rod Processing:

The process of Wire Rod Processing comes after detailed & thorough inspection of 100% raw material received for chemical compositions and forgeability. We have well-established NABL certified lab to verify the chemical composition and do have thorough verification in respect to inclusion rating and grains flow.

Wire Drawing:

Wire Drawing is carried out to get the required wire size for cold forging the parts depending upon the size of fasteners to be manufactured. Generally, the percent reduction in area is maintained between 7% to 15% so that there is not much resistance for deformation during cold forging wherever high percentage of reduction in area is required during wire drawing.

Spheroidized Annealing of wire rod is carried out and its spheroidization value is maintained at greater than 90%. All wires are drawn from wire rod which is spheroidized annealed so that after spheroidized annealing, the wire rod is acid pickled and zinc phosphate which will act as lubricant during a skin passing in the wire drawing machine. This wire is now ready for cold- forging.