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Knowledge Center
Cold Forming
Heat Treatment
  •   Terminology
Technical Terms
  •   Strength Characteristics
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  •   Corrosion and Prevention
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Heat Treatment Terminology
Ageing Air Hardening
Annealing Austempering
Austenite Austenitizing
Batinite Blank Carburizing (Nitriding)
Bright Annealing Burning
Carburizing Carburizing Depth
Case Hardening Cooling Rate
Cyaniding (Cyanide Hardening) Decarburization
Distortion Ferrite
Flame Hardening Full Annealing
Hardenability Hardening
Hardening Temperature Hardness Penetration
Heating time Heat Temperature
Holding Time Homogenizing
Immersion Hardening Immersion Time
Induction Hardening Interrupted Quenching (Time Quenching)
Isothermal Annealing Malleablizing
Martempering Martensite
Nitriding Normalizing
Overheating Overheating Sensitivity
Patenting Pearlite
Precipitation Hardening (Age Hardening) Preheating
Process Annealing Quenching
Quenching Temperature Quenching Time
Shock Tempering Soaking
Solution Heat Treatment Spheroidizing (Spheroidize Annealing)
Stabilizing Treatment Stress Relieving
Subcritical Annealing Sub-zero Treatment
Temper Brittleness Tempering
Through-hardening Transformation Range (Critical Range)
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