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   Laboratory Systems

In Lakshmi Precision Screws, Fastener manufacturer process under goes various testing process to ensure the quality assurance as well as standards. Plant has a good set of Lab equipment for carrying out Dimensional Inspection, Mechanical Testing, Metallurgical Testing, Corrosion/Plating Testing etc.

Dimensional Inspection: Various parameter are taken into the accounts for the dimension parameter which includes Length, Thread, Internal Diameter, Outer Diameter, Angle, Radius, Major Diameter, Pitch Circle Diameter Chamfer, Recess Depth etc. The latest equipments for the purpose are available in the lab to check it.

Mechanical Testing: It measure the various process of fastener such as :

  • Hardness- HRA, HRB, HRC, Vickers & Micro
  • Tensile – 2 Tons, 60 Tons & 100 Tons
  • Torque – upto 3000Nm
  • Impact – Low Temp as well as Room Temp
  • Twist – On Spring Washers
  • Proof Load – of Nuts & Bolts
  • Double shear Strength

Metallurgical Testing : In LPS, for the testing purpose metallurgical test is also done to check Chemical composition, De carburization, Micro structure Grain Size, and Inclusion rating. The various equipments such as Microscope, Spectrometer, etc .

Corrosion Resistance /Plating Testing: Corrosion Testing is done to test the influence of corrosion on fasteners. LPS Limited have the capabilities to many other corrosion, thickness, adhesion, torque-tension and related test. These include SST, Coating Thickness, Hydrogen Embrittlement. Different equipments used for corrosion testing which includes Fixture for HE Test, Coating Thickness Tester, SST chamber, etc.
'LPS' is equipped with state of the art Laboratory and Standard Room. Some of the major equipments we have are:

Optical Emission Spectroscope : For ascertaining chemical composition of Raw Material. Metallographic examination involves Microstructure, Inclusion rating.
Image Analyzer : Grain size, Decarb, Microstructure, Inclusion, Thread life etc along with statistical analysis. Decarburisation, Gram size, Thread laps etc. along with statistical analysis.
Fisheroscope (X-ray analysis) : For ascertaining coating thickness by x-ray method and material analysis by spectrum needless to mention the other equipment, we have i.e. Metallurgical Microscope, Magna Hardness Tester, Major flux testing, Universal Tensile Testing M/c, Hydrogen De-embrittlement Testing, Torque testing etc. Eddy current testing, Rockwell cum superficial hardness Tester, Stereo Microscope & salt spray testing.
Mahr's Perthometre Concept : For measurement of any type of contour (Including threads and surface toughness).
'NIKON' measuring microscope : For all complex geometry measurement to a high precision with image transfer provision.
  • Quickscope for non contact measurement
  • Sachty torquing and coefficient of friction testing machine

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