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LPS GROUP is committed to ensure the holistic health, maintenance and security concerns of each and every person at its premises viz. all plants and offices. Furthermore it is conscious and mindful of onerous need of taking pro-active initiatives and pragmatic steps in order to protect, nurture and ensure environmental obligations strictly in consonance of global regime in furtherance of fundamental duties in term of Article 51 A of Indian constitution, the paramount law of the land.

The Group is taking paramount interest in order to create clean and hygienic environment and is making endeavours for conserving and preserving natural resources. It is working actively towards preventing pollution by maximizing recycling, minimizing waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants. LPS GROUP has also invested in Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants which help us to make clean and dynamic environment free of impurities.

LPS GROUP has brain stormed various sessions internally to conceive and envisage sound and practical Environmental policy to fulfill its agenda of clean environment. LPS GROUP ensures that all wastage material is environment friendly, effluent treatment plants are optimally used, and recycling and energy efficiency is adopted across all the facilities. LPS GROUP is concerned not only to comply with only regulatory norms for prevention and control of pollution, but also to go beyond this by adopting clean technologies and improvement in management practices.

LPS directors have always felt the compliance of end-of-the-pipe effluent and emission standards and have always given top priority coupled with utmost attention for large scale afforestation, greening of surrounding areas in and around factories and beautification of the plant's vacant premises. The employees are also made conscious of their responsibilities towards protecting the environment and add to its beauty by inducting sensitizing programs regarding vital importance of conservation of environment.

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