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Corporate Governance

LPS GROUP being a responsible corporate entity is conscious of utility, relevance and functional importance of ensuring and maintaining standards of utmost excellence of corporate governance at par with global practice in this regard. We at LPS GROUP are of firm resolve born of innate conviction, believe that the responsibility one of the vital ingredient of corporate ethos pervades and percolate through each and every segment of our corporate houses having no visible end, it starts from the idea to culmination and then again emerge out of it being a self sustaining and elastic concept to be followed always consistently with vigour in every nook and cranny of corporate entities.

It gives us a sense of contentment but not complacency to assert that the  LPS GROUP since when it has come into vogue has shown and displayed exemplary commitment backed by synergic and  concrete steps originated from sound concepts and percepts of effective corporate governance in all hues and colors, from alpha to omega of all establishment and activities therein. Moreover LPS GROUP  has always been a torchbearer of conceiving, creating and maintaining internal systems along with policies and agenda strictly in the line of world standards in relation to  corporate governance and responsibility whereof in the region, though having a gloss of richest and profoundest Indian spiritual traditions successfully imbibed and further chanellized as dynamic, workable principles not as sterile issues only for sake of talking.

LPS GROUP has successfully created the mechanisms and viable structures therein to ensure exemplary and professional responsibility and greater accountability in all its endeavors in every domain. Need less to say that aforesaid measures and steps are strictly in consonance of regulatory and other directions of SEBI and other relevant regulatory bodies created by the due process of law of the land.

As a natural corollary of compliance of fundamental duties enshrined in Article 51 A of the Indian constitutional law, we at LPS GROUP are committed with creative anxiety to ensure clean and hygienic environment and sustainable development. We at LPS GROUP have blended our commitment of environmental conservation with our corporate objectives and ethos with commitment and gusto.

We at LPS GROUP firmly believe with utmost faith in eternal virtues of honesty and integrity which will beget trust to lead us to the pinnacle of excellence and the zenith of accomplishment thereby becoming a global model to emulate and cited as a paragon of corporate ethics and values. We understand and have taken keen interest to undertake effective and practical steps to foster the spirit of enterprise and accountability along with promotion of transparency and responsibility in our whole establishment and works thereto. This spirit is apparent and is consistently pursued with perseverance in all its ideas, policies programmes and endeavours inter-alia including activities and dealings with the regulatory bodies, employees, stakeholders, shareholders and customers etc.

At LPS GROUP, all regulatory compliances are followed and applied with professionalism in letter and in spirit and all stakeholders are kept informed of  all relevant developments taking place in our esteemed  organization in furtherance of our commitment to sound corporate ethics of responsibility, accountability and transparency.

The LPS GROUP abides by all set norms and compliances, follows a process of transparency along with reasonableness and fairness in all its dealings, and imbibes the best governance practices with catholic zeal.

The LPS GROUP ensures that the rights and interests of all stakeholders are recognised  and protected and all legal, statutory and other obligations fulfilled as and when arise with utmost care and due consideration coupled with professionalism  and sense of purpose. The Group has developed a model code of conduct for its management and executives to ensure that the disclosure rules are followed without fail and there is accountability and transparency in the working of the organization to ensure discipline and excellence and zero tolerance for breach of the same.

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